August 29, 2009

Reunion Day- A Media Frenzy

This has been the most exhausting day emotionally of my life so this is going to be a quick post.  Everything went very well.  I can not believe the attention that this story has gotten.  It was a media frenzy when we walked into the room.  The birth family was waiting for us when we walked into the room.  As soon as the family laid eyes on Christian there were outbursts of tears.  His birthfather literally knelt down in front of Christian holding his hands and sobbed.  The media was fighting for a spot up front so much that my sister couldn't get through to take any video or pictures.  We were all overwhelmed with all the media attention, but I was particularly concerned about Christian.  I was so moved by the family's outburst of emotions.  Even some of the volunteers had tears in their eyes.  My heart just broke for the family because there was no doubt their tears were genuine and they loved this little boy who is now almost a grown man. 
From left to right: Birthfather, Grandmother, Christian
and uncle

Christian with Grandmother and Uncle

I think there were at least 8 different media outlets present.

Interviewing Christian

Finally, after 4 1/2 hours we got out of the hotel and were able to head to lunch with just the family and no media. We had a very nice lunch with family and then went to a Lake where we went for a boat ride. Christian's dear grandmother had hold of his hand and never let go. 

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. -Psalm 147:3

Our first meal together

CNN producer, reporter and cameraman caught up with us again
at the lake (they were actually a lot of fun).  We had to take this picture
because the reporter looked so funny crammed behind the helm in his suit.

We wanted to play bumper boats with them but thought
maybe the cameraman wouldn't appreciate that.

Christian at the helm- finally having fun and much more relaxed

We ended our day early because we were all so exhausted.  It was an incredible day and I think it all went very well.  Christian became much more relaxed and at ease by the end of the day.  It is time for my head to hit the pillow.  Tomorrow is the Great Wall! 

CNN Video clips:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  -Rom 8:28


  1. Hello,Julia
    Thank you for sharing the story...It is really are such a wonderful mother in the world and you are willing to do everything to make Jiacheng Happy....I am really impressed and admire your spirit....i think you are right...he has the right to learn his he fulfilled his dream...He looks so happy...
    I would love to talk to him again...

    enjoy your trip...
    i will follow your blog...

  2. Amazing story. Congratulations to you all.

  3. Thank you for sharing this story...what an amazing miracle....blessings to all....

  4. I, too, have been deeply touched by this amazing story of Christian's journey. So thankful that God laid it upon your heart to make this boy your son, and also that God allowed his Chinese relatives to reconnect and make peace with the misfortune that led to their separation. May the Lord continue to bless you richly during this emotional trip and on your return to the States. "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you hope and a future." (can't remember the reference)

  5. I am so happy for Christian and his two families. What a heartwarming story.
    Hoping to hear more of his journey in life.
    Nancy in Florida.

  6. Wonderful for you all! I am so glad to read it went well
    Kathy in Alaska
    waiting our our son in Luoyang

  7. Congratulations!! This is a wonderful story!

  8. Julia: I'm sure you don't remember me. But, we spoke a couple of times on the phone. We have three biological children and used AWAA for our first NSN adoption in '04. I talked with you about adopting older children and you were always so kind and helpful. Since then, we have adopted two more girls. One heart baby who was almost two (Jessica) and a 10 year old this past November who was abandoned by her mother a day before her sixth birthday; four years ago. She remembers her name and town she was from, but no names of parents or realatives. She has told me many times that she never wants to try and find her birth family. Please tell Christian that he was very brave and I hope that his story can somehow, someday show our newest addition that you can move forward in faith and love and do something like meet with your parents. What a handsome, sweet, mature young man you have raised, Julia. We will be praying for you, Christian, and your daughter in the upcoming days and that the rest of your trip is wonderful. God bless you. Darron and Denene Stewart

  9. Thank you for sharing your story. It is a wonderful one and i am so glad that Christian now can come full circle and reconnect with his past.
    I am a mother of 4 Chinese children and one esp longs for her family. We just returned from China 2 wk ago and were able to find more of her past, but not the details you have which is just wonderful. I hope one day there is more for some of these children who long to reconnect.
    God Bless you on this very emotional journey - i am adopted as well and my birth-mother found me and understand some of this. It took me two wks to work through my identity after our first mtg.
    All the best - Lavonne

  10. Beautiful story. You are a great Mom...with much love in your heart! Good luck to you all!

  11. Wonderful story, brought tears to my eyes. You were brought into Christian's life for a reason. It is so wonderful you were able to reunite him with his Chinese family.

    All my love,

  12. A mom of 2 Chinese daughters, I am THRILLED with your story. That gives me hope that some children are able to know the story of how they came us. This is a a powerful story. I am so happy that for your son!! What a kiddo--you must be proud.

  13. Julia, thank you so much for sharing this story with the world. I too am adopted within the states and my adopted mother has tried endlessly to help me find my birth family. I just can't wrap my head around the unconditional love an adopted parent has for their child. You truly are disciple of God's love and His greatest gift. I pray for your safe return and your positive results as more is reveled to you and you son. May God bless you.

  14. Hello Julia,

    This is such a fantastic story... I guess that's what destiny is.

    Good luck to all of you for your future :)

  15. Thank you for sharing your story. I can't imagine the emotions that your family, Christian, and his birth family must be feeling!

    I pray for peace for all involved as you must leave China and head back to the states.

    God bless you!

  16. The photos are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing Christian and your family's amazing journey with all of us. Praying for all of you!

  17. What a great story. Thanks for sharing it.

  18. The world is so vast, yet grows smaller each day as we extend our arms and embrace everyone that is in it...hopefully bringing about "the peace that surpasses all understanding". What an amazing story and testimate of love and compassion. My prayers are that you and ALL of the family find peace and joy. Safe travels.

  19. Hi Julia:

    This is the kind of story I don't mind crying for, everyone is born with a task and you'ved done yours, happiness and health to you and your family, my love to Christian and this once little boy is as lucky as you are.

    God Bless You. Ingrid

  20. I am have six wonderful children all of whom where adopted, one internationally. He has a hope someday we will find his biological family. His Birh Mohter left the hospital the day he was born. She said could not care for him, so I doubt I would ever be able to give to my Son the amazining,selfless,miracle giftt you have given your Son. Then you so sweetly and selflessly shared your story with the world. I cry as I write because I cant even to begin to imagine what you must be feeling. I can only think of the story of Solomon and the two Mothers. My Heart breaks for you as well as sings for you. You and your family will be in our prayers you are so selfless and brave you are what Mothers are suppost to be.
    Many Blessings. Tara

  21. In a time when there is so much conflict between many nations, this story of love and selflessness is just what we need. I agree whole heartedly that Christian be given the love of one big family residing in two countries and I think Julia is a very special person. Thank you for sharing your story and my prayers are with all of you.

  22. Absolutely amazing. As an adoptive mom your story captivated me. Yes, I saw it on the news but I'm so thankful I did. I'm excited to watch this story unfold. God is GOOD!

  23. Hello Julia, I can't help but get tugged at the heartstrings with your story.. I had to link it to my FaceBook page... Having many friends and churchmates of Chinese ethnic origin, I hear of the stories regarding the 1-child policy and its consequences... But this is one story with a happy outcome, and I'm sure it's still one big ride for Christian. The nicest ending is yet to be shared between the 2 families.

    "It's heartwarming to see how this reunion heals the pain between parents and son sepa...rated by an unfortunate accident. May the good Lord bless the families involved.

    "Love your kids as if there's no tomorrow."

  24. Julia,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. You and Christian have managed to show the world that indeed we are not so large nor so different. Too, you've taught that love is world wide and just how alike we all are.

    I'm attaching a link to your blog on my site. I do hope you don't mind. (
    You are a walking example of an Angelic Action!

    Blessings to you and family (all of them)

  25. What an incredible story. What an incredible family. Wishing you and your loved ones, much happiness and joy. May you all be blessed with healing and love.

    From one who was adopted, and then has adopted. My heart goes out to you and your children.

  26. An amazaing story. You are an amazing woman that any man should be honored to be with! (from a man)

  27. Thank you so much for sharing this story. God bless all of you.

  28. I think this is a wonderful story and I am so happy that you shared this with all of us. I wish all the best for you, your family and your now new extended family. You are blessed. Continue being the amazing woman you are.

  29. Absolutely an amazing story! Thank you for sharing the story your personal journey with Christian. Best wishes to your families!

  30. This is absolutely wonderful! Much peace to both you and Christian!!

  31. This is a beautiful story, thank you for sharing it. I know it must of been hard to have all of the media around but I am praying for God's continued peace and blessings as the reunion continues!!

  32. What a beautiful story... Thank you so much for sharing it with the world.

  33. Dear Julia,

    Thinking about you and Christian every day. Your mom can into Teddy Bear yesterday. I told her to bring Madison next week. I need her help. She updated me on things so far. Sounds like everything is going well. You should be proud of yourself and Christian. You both are quite the celebrities right now. Congrats. Enjoy your time and know that you both have touched so many lives. I hope Christian realizes that he is loved by not only so many people, but truly two continents. People are not sure what there purposes in life are some times, but you both have surely found yours. Will be thinking of you both and can't wait to hear when you get back.


  34. Thank you so much for sharing this with the world. It's such a private thing, but will touch so many hearts. What an incredible gift for all involved, even those of us watching from afar. And I hope that the reunion will help rebuild the connections in his birth family that his loss severed.

    Wishing you all safe travels, many blessings, and light hearts!

  35. You are an absolutely incredible person - on so many levels! I know all of this can't be easy on you.

    I wish you and Christian the very, very best!

  36. What a blessing a beautiful story.... Your adoptive children are truly blessed to have you!

  37. You have a big heart and are amazing! I started crying when I read the story online. I wish you and your family well.

  38. Julia,
    I want to commend you for being such a loving Mother. You are a very selfless and bless woman. I think what you have done for your son is FANTASTAC!! You children are so blessed to have you as their Mother.
    God is definitely watching over you and your family, and there is a 'very special' place picked out for you in Heaven one day!
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with the world. With so much hate out there, it is sooooo very nice to see so much love out there as well.

    God Bless you all!!

  39. Julia, This is a beautiful story. I'm in awe of your love for Christian. He is a very lucky young man.

    We would love to adopt two more children, from China or wherever we are lead to adopt from. We also do not mind if the child has a disability or is not the same race as we are.

    I hope everything else runs as smoothly as it has for you and both families and would LOVE to keep reading here and find updates since then.

    With peace,

  40. Dear Julia, I read your story from a Chinese newspaper, and can't wait to forward it to many of my friends. This may not be your intention but you have touched so many people like me. You may have brought the two great nationa, US and China, closer than any politicians could do. When I looked at the picture of your two beautiful children under a Christmas tree, I was touched by the love and care they received from a great mother in the world. There is a saying that God is too busy to take care each individual child, so he created angles called Mother. I praise the Lord for giving those unfortunate children a wonderful mother. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  41. What an amazing gift you have given to your son. I hope there are many more stories like yours for the sake of our children.

  42. I second what Yoli says here, and pray that the reconnection brings a sense of peace for your son... I know it is often a mixed bag and not what we often expect. I trust that you are all grateful to have found these missing pieces and wish you all the very best in the future as you navigate these new relationships.


  43. Wow, what an adventure and miracle for you and your family! What a wonderful gift for your son! I hope someday I will be able to help my daughter find her birth parents in China or birth siblings. It's a needle in a haystack, but sometimes possible.
    Congratulations and best wishes for the new changes in your lives together!