September 5, 2009

We finally arrive in Xian!

The train ride was third time on a sleeper train in China.  It's always an adventure trying to get them to understand our English/broken Chinese.  We couldn't get them to understand "coffee" in the morning.

We are trying to have some down time here in Xian these next two days and then we do some sightseeing.  I will post more later.

Oh, and for the people that commented wondering if Chrsitian would be staying in China, the answer is no, he will be returning with us to the US.  There was never any intention of him staying in China.  His birth family did not expect him to because they know it would be a tough adjustment for him.  They want the best for him and want him to be happy and have a good future.  He has a new love for China and the people of China now, so I will not be surprised if one day he chooses to come back to live here.  If he does I will fully support him.  In the meantime we plan to keep in touch with the family and visit as often as possible.

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.  -Romans 12:10


  1. Wow, Julia- what an amazing story. Enjoy Xian (my 3rd daughter is from there) there are many amazing sights. I hope Christian has a chance to relax- no doubt it will take some time to process this trip and come to grips with what it means for him. Assure him that as hard as it's been- there are many other Chinese adoptees who wish they had the chance to meet their birth family again! Best of luck for a smooth trip home.

  2. Hi, Julia, I read your story from a Chinese website. You are such a great mother! God bless you!