September 8, 2009

Response to request about donations

Thanks to everyone for following along on our story. I really enjoyed reading all of your nice comments. I noticed a few people have asked how you can donate towards our trip.  I just added a Paypal button to the top of the blog as one way.  If you are not comfortable doing so through Paypal, we did set up a local Bank Account just for this cause.  The name of the account is Birth Parent Reunion/Julia Norris and the address is:

Talbot Bank
212 Marlboro Rd
Easton, MD  21601

I guess I should have thought to do this earlier but it is really not too late since we still have a few days left and I have a big loan to repay when I return.  :-)  One thing I learned is never travel to a foreign country wtihout a credit card!  Anyway, I am so grateful for any help you would like to offer.

I have more photos and stories to blog later today.  I have more information about my son's history that has not been shared yet, but that will be revealed in a book some day if I can find a publisher interested. 

I am so proud of my son and how he has handled this experience. My brother, sister and I have already noticed a huge change in him. He has matured so much and has expressed a new appreciation for the life he has been given despite the heartaches along the way. He really misses his little sister and is even a little homesick. He has said several times on this trip "I am so blessed."  He also wants to learn Chinese again when we get home and probably return to China for work or study at some point.  I can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for him.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  -Romans 8:28


  1. Thanks Julia, I have been checking all weekend for a post. It must be hard to find time and availability to use the internet when traveling.So we thank you. I have been praying for your safety all weekend. Will you see any of the Chinese family before you return? Do you have any pictures of the Terra Cotta Warriors?
    Thanks for giving information about contributing, we all have different gifts we can offer, prayer, financial support, encouragement, etc. Lou

  2. Big plans indeed. Can't wait to watch them unfold more.
    Julia, I know you're humbled by folks saying you're a great Mom, but how about we say thanks for letting the Lord use you in this way? Tell your sibs thanks from us for their support of you.
    Christian, I'm praying especially for you and also for your NiNi, etc... and good for you thinking of returning to give back some day (teaching English). Home to Mei Mei soon, then back to school - ugh. :o)
    With love and prayer,
    Toni for the Benton's

  3. Checked today for an update and was so happy to see your posts.

    Was praying for you this weekend, and thinking about your story, especially as I had dinner with my birth-mother, birth-brother and family.

    The emotions from adoption and child loss are so deep, moving, and chaotic. The reunion and changes it makes are noticeable in Christian's latest photos, he looks more mature and "settled" already. :)

    Just wanted to say that in thinking about the enormous outpouring of emotion and attention that he and his story have received, that it is not necessary for Christian to take on all these emotions that are being expressed, and be burdened by them. I think some of this outpouring might not be specific to Christian in particular, but a deep response to the collective emotional pain that must exist in a country with a one-child-only policy.

    There are so many displaced Chinese children, one can hardly go to a mall these days and not see an American family with an Asian child. The loss of a child affects the birth families so deeply (it's not just the adoptee) ... and as this is a common experience in China, the return of one son would be cause for great hope and celebration for everyone (as well as pain) as most everyone there would know someone affected by such loss. His story helps everyone feel better about their life, and provides hope in what is so often a heartless world.

    There is no doubt that all this was meant to be, and your selfless love combined with Christian's life and loss might have a far-reaching effect for the better.

    Praying for you,

  4. My 12-year-old said, "Mom this story would make a great book!" I am glad to hear you are maybe going to do that! God bless you all. It's great that Christian is getting to see more of China. What an amazing experience you are all having!

  5. So glad you are looking to document your son's journey in a book. He has quite a story to tell and we are always improved by hearing and taking in the stories of others. I will continue to pray for you and your family (both American and Chinese).