January 5, 2012

In His Own Words

I was a junior in college before I knew what I wanted to do with my life.  These days you really can't wait that long to declare a major, especially at today's tuition rates.  Christian is in his freshman year of college and still not sure exactly what he wants to do.  He doesn't want to start taking out the college loans until he is sure of a major.  His solution-  One day he came home after having lunch with a friend and announced that he was applying for a mission trip called "The World Race."  It is an 11 month mission trip to 11 countries to serve the poor, the sick and the lost.  He will travel with a team of 6-8 people and spend one month in each country supporting partnership ministries and full time missionaries, which will involve doing a lot of different things- things he has never done before.  He may be visiting orphans, building churches, visiting the sick in hospitals, ministering to victims of sex trafficking or leading Vacation Bible Schools.  This experience should not only help him grow in his faith, but help him to learn more about himself and hopefully have a clearer vision for what he wants to do with his life.  He is in the fundraising stage now and if all goes well he should leave in July. 

Am I worried about him taking off on his own for almost a year, when the longest he's been away from home is a month?  Okay, I wouldn't be a mother if I wasn't a little concerned but how can I not support such a great opportunity?  After all, it was my own trip in 1987 around the world (Semester at Sea) that inspired me to want to serve orphans and build my family through adoption.  He is very passionate about wanting to serve others and has a very adventurous spirit about him, so I really believe he will do fine and probably touch many lives along the way.

You can follow along with him on this journey by subscribing to his blog http://www.christiannorris.theworldrace.org/.   Many of you reading my blog are also adoptive parents, so I thought you might be interested in hearing him share his story in his own words. Everyone Has A Story...This is Mine

Thank you all for your support and encouraging words during these past couple of years.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity for your son! I too took a year post high school to travel with a missions group and it was life changing in the very best ways!!!

    Praying for your son as he is the hands and feet of Jesus to many in this coming year!

  2. Julia, I can't even tell you how much hope your story gives me. I want to cry every time I read it as we ride the crazy rollercoaster with our own kids adopted from Luoyang. I can't wait to see all God does in Christian's life through that trip!!

  3. I agree with Patty (she's a great friend of mine)...your story has been so enlightening and encouraging.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to read Christian's blog!

  4. Thank you, Catherine, Patty and Lori! Please feel free to encourage your teens to try to connect with Christian through his blog (his email address is on there) if you think that would help them. It is also good for Christian to feel like his experience might help other kids.

  5. With tears in my eyes after reading your blog I say Thank You! We have a son adopted from China, only 6 years old now. Thank you for sharing and God bless you always. Best wishes from Iceland, Helga :)

  6. Hi! I am an adoptive parent of 2 and am currently birth parent searching for both kids. Would love to chat with you if you are willing. I am trying to use Baobeihuijia but struggling with the site. Advice appreciated!! Christy Lillie - www.lilliefamily.blogspot.com

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